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A-V Tronics - Windows 3.xx Links
User page of Paul Chitescu
Logical Sky
The GROWSTUB Tapes -- MSIE 4.0x Install on Win 3.x
Erwin's Homepage
Jahr 2000 - Microsoft GmbH
Windows 3.x Schemes & Themes
The Windows 3.1 Update Page... Dedicated to the best O.S. ever
Maxim's World of Stuff
ZDNN: Rogue error message detected in Windows 3.1 Search Wizard
Support Downloads
Direct Connect Any Windows Platform
Three Point One
Three Point One #2
Chapter 11 - Tips for Optimizing Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Chapter 1 - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Architecture
Welcome to Microsoft Product Support Services
This is the result of a a copy
EMM-Ausnahmefehler #6 -Microsoft GmbH
WinAbility.Com - Utilities for Windows File Manager
WinCorner - FmLfns
Weblust: Windows Bible Giveaway!
The Tricks of Past Weeks - Part 1
Chapter 1 Networks -- A Technical Discussion
Chapter 1 - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Architecture
Windows Support Forum von CompuServe
The Delphi Bug List
Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Microsoft TechNet - Maintenance - Windows for Workgroups
WFW311 *.INI Reference Guide
Win 16 Bit Update Pack
Tips for Windows 3.1
Tips for Windows 3.1/3.11 - 1 thru 10
How to optimize the performance of Word 6
Windows 3.1 Tips
Software ESSENTIALS #2
Eureka's Windows 3.xx Tips and Tricks
- Die Windows 3.11 Internet Toolbox -
T-Online/Internet mit Windows 3.1/3.11 und Trumpet Winsock
Windows Tips for Users with Low Vision
Timeline 1980-1993
Cedomir Igaly's SSH Page
Windows 3.1 Music Software
Lightspeed's reference page
Computing.Net - Windows 3.1 Forum
The Internet Help Desk: GPFs
Windows 3.1 FAQ
Windows 3.1 Tips
Windows 3.1 Tips
Windows 3.1 Tips
Esc Windows 3.1 Tips
DOS + Windows 3.1 Tips + Tricks
Baywalk - Technology Dock - PC Support Archive - Windows 3.1 Tips and Tricks - June 1992
Windows 3.1 Tips and Tricks
Neale Morison's Windows 3.1 columns, tips and shareware
The TipSmith Home Page. Tips on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Access 2.0, Access 3.0 and Miscellaneous Tips.
TNT's Windows 3.1 / 3.11 Tips and Tricks: How to Swap Windows' CapsLock and Control Keys
MSDOS, Windows 3.1 & WFWG 3.11 Tips
Top 10 Windows 3.1x Tips
Smart Computing-Editorial
Client Access Enhanced for Windows 3.1 Peformance Tips
Windows 3.1x tips and tricks
Windows WfWG 3.1x + DOS 6.xx Tricks
WS_FTP LE for Windows 3.1 Overview
HTML Editors for Windows 3.x Reviewed
Windows 3.1x Downloads und Links
Don't Throw Out Windows 3.1 Disks!
AIMAX On-Line: Enabling TCP/IP in Windows for Workgroups
Subway - Lösung für Programme, die bisher nicht unter Windows liefen

MS Knowledge Base

Q138562 - Win32s Information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base
Q131896 - INFO: General limitations under Win32s
Q84388 - Windows 3.1 Memory Limits
Q86171 - Differences Between Retail and Debug versions of Windows 3.1
Q78325 - Ring Protection Under Windows 3.1
Q99470 - Troubleshooting CD Audio Problems in Windows 3.1
Q88363 - How to Change Name and Company After Windows Installation
Q90762 - Information on System Resources in Windows
Q86018 - Windows 3.1 Has Limited Support for VCPI
Q82643 - Serial Communications Overview in Windows 3.1
Q86705 - Problems When Exiting Windows or WFWG After Running 386 Enh
Q38029 - Windows and Early Intel 80386 CPU 32-Bit Operations
Q79749 - Windows 3.1 Runs in Standard and Enhanced Modes Only
Q82569 - Extended Characters in Filenames Under Windows 3.1
Q82642 - Serial Communications Speeds in Windows 3.1
Q82665 - Causes of System Integrity Errors in Windows 3.1
Q82751 - Maximum Number of TrueType Fonts Installed
Q82772 - Windows and WFWG 3.1x Setup Error Codes (000 through 100)
Q82774 - Why Does Setup add STACKS=9,256 to the CONFIG.SYS File?
Q82820 - Monitor Ports PIF Option Explained
Q82821 - Registration Info Editor (REGEDIT) Command-Line Switches
Q83029 - MS-DOS Video Modes Displayed in a Window
Q126746 - Windows for Workgroups Version History
Q32905 - Windows Version History
Q120919 - Visual C++ Vers 2.0 README.WRI, Part 3 Compiler
Q125749 - PRB: Cause of the R6025 Run-Time Error
Q111292 - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Point-to-Point Server Update
Microsoft Museum Past & Present Exhibit: Timeline
Q108109 - Comprehensive List of WFWG 3.11 Resource Kit Doc Errors
Datei-Manager Update für Windows für Workgroups 3.11 (Jahr 2000) -Microsoft GmbH
Q85557 - File Manager Shows Garbled Date for Year 2000 or Later
Q78346 - Windows: Maximum Valid Size for REG.DAT and .INI Files
Q81493 - Using VCPI Programs with Windows
Q82333 - Out Of Memory Errors with True Color Display Drivers
Q82418 - 32-Bit Disk Access and Portable Computers
Q82681 - How Windows 3.1 Looks for COM Ports
Q82813 - OLE: How Windows 3.1 Searches for Server Applications
Q84937 - Err Msg: The Microsoft Windows 32-Bit Disk Driver (WDCTRL)...
Q85288 - Disk Controllers that Are Compatible with 32-Bit Disk Access
Q86993 - Using WINFILE.INI's LongFileNames= Setting
Q94556 - Using COMxIrq=-1 for COM4 Problems
Q94604 - Incorrect SMARTDrive BufferSize Setting Hangs System
Q95531 - SMARTDrive: Maximum Cache Size
Q106266 - System Slows After 32-Bit File Access Is Enabled
Q106271 - WINVER.EXE Reports Incorrect Version
Q107471 - WFWG 3.11 Err Msg: Segment Load Failure
Q107645 - How to Disable Write Caching for the 32-Bit File System
Q107651 - 32-Bit File Access Can Cause ScanDisk to Report Harmless Error
Q108079 - 32-Bit File Access Maximum Cache Size
Q108157 - 32-Bit File Access Cache Size Is Incorrectly Displayed
Q110092 - How to Flush 32-Bit File Access Cache (VCACHE)
Q115200 - MS-DOS-Based Apps May Not Time-Slice Well Under WFWG 3.11
Q119780 - Using ForceMapper with Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Q122928 - Description of the WINSOCK.DLL File
Q120554 - Summary List: Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Confirmed Problems
Win32s Software Development Kit FAQ
Q68560 - DLL Installs an ISR That Can Signal an Application
Q167300 - INFO: Troubleshooting DOS Error 21h Under Win32s
Q87239 - Windows Err Msg: Fault in MS-DOS Extender
Q83435 - Windows 3.1 Resource Kit SYSTEM.INI [386ENH] Section A-L
Q85644 - Troubleshooting CD-ROM Problems in Windows 3.1 Enhanced Mode
Q80393 - How to Rebuild the Default Windows REG.DAT File
Q122987 - VSHARE.386 Does Not Work with Novell DOS 6.0 or 7.0
Q78365 - Blank Screen Appears Without Error Message in Program Manager
Q92447 - Windows 3.1 and Serial Communications
Q85643 - Windows Msg: Your Pop-Up Program Is Ready to Run
Q65443 - Enhanced EMM386.SYS Parameters for Windows 3.0
Q91193 - Windows Err Msg: Missing / Unable to Load
Q96562 - Running Windows 3.1 with Advanced Power Management Systems
Q98419 - Parity Errors Often Not Due to "Usual" Causes
Q114301 - Common Questions and Answers for Windows 3.11

Calmira / LFN

Calmira Downloads
Calmira Zone
Jsm7483's Calmira Stuff
Planet Calmira
Calmira Online! Message Board
iWarp Home
Calmira Rocks
Maxim's World of Stuff
The Genuine Windows (16-Bit) Home Site
[Skin Directory ...]
Windows 3.1--It's Not THAT Obsolete!


Freeware Guide - Windows 3.1 - Patches
Windows Patches and Updates
Software Library: Wintune 2.0
Index of /pub/windows16/
Completely Free Software - Win 3.1 & DOS General Programs, page 1
Support Downloads
FileDudes: Audio Apps for Win 3.xx
Windows 3.x » Desktop » Editors
Verzeichnis von /pub/simtelnet/win3/graphics
Verzeichnis von /pc/win3/graphics
Index of /ftp/pub/tools/windows/utils
Index of /ftp/pub/pc/itd/updates/wfwg
Verzeichnis von /pub/userftp
Verzeichnis von /pub/mirror/
Updated File Manager for Windows 3.1x and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 - das Download-Archiv von Typemania - Freeware, Shareware, Vollversionen
Windows 3.x - Image & File Conversion
GetRight (Download for Windows 3.x)
c't - Free- & Shareware (Windows 3.1)
Software Archive
Net lab Windows 3
Microsoft Download Center
ISOFT - Home of Japanese Software
Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1/NT 3.51
Archives: Microsoft Products
A4Tech - myši
ESS Technology, Inc. Downloadable Drivers
Links to Utilities
Ground Zero 2
technology | overview | adk for win 3.1
HABit Utilities
Adelsman's Software Page

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